Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 29 (metaphorically speaking...)

"Come on. Let's walk to the store."

They just stared at me.

If I had asked them if I could build a home out of fairy wings and unicorn tails I would have elicited the same response.

They simply stared, hoping that if they remained very still and made no sudden movements the crazy person harassing them would get bored and walk away.

No such luck.

"Come on. We just had that huge dinner. We'll walk it off. It will be fun."

"Ugh. Je-e-en. You go. We'll wait in the car."

"What?! No! I am in town visiting and we are spending time together! We are all walking to the store!"

I looked to my fiancee for back up.

My betrothed must have developed a very sudden and very keen interest in the ground because that was where his gaze was promptly fixed.

Did he not want to walk to the store either???

"People! What is wrong with you?!? Walking is great!"

"Can we just drive there?"

"No, we cannot drive there! That is ridiculous! Are we really having this conversation?!?"

"Ugh. Fine. You are so annoying."

I am annoying.


I admit that.

But this (one) time, I was not being annoying.

The store in question...the store that nobody would accompany me too...that store was not 10 miles away....

It was not 5 miles away....

It was not down the street...

That store...was ACROSS THE PARKING LOT!

We were going there to get ice cream.

Everyone wanted the ice cream.

No one wanted to walk the 30 feet to get it.

The human body is meant to move. It is meant to be decorated, celebrated, relished, adored. It is meant to do this:

Well, Tavi's body is meant to do that.

Tavi is in the circus.

But what the human body can do***.

We move our bodies because it is a privilege to savor the magic and wonder of it's capabilities.

We move our bodies because they are on short loan and they are ours to luxuriate in only for this briefest of moments and we must gobble every second we can.

We move our bodies because the ice cream is located across the parking lot and if we want to stuff our faces with chocolate chip cookie dough for the rest of the night we pick our butts up and walk to go get it.

***That is why we workout.

Many apologies for the delay.

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  1. Neither the fiance nor the brother knew what was going on, for the record.

    If we had, the brother would have had the same response. The fiance would have been distinctly more concerned, but his fear of the father would have rendered him of any action. His fascination with the ground would have continued. His thought bubble would be werrrrr'ing.